Saturday, November 28, 2009

Why am I always the one making sacrifices?


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sunshine State And Then It Clouded Over...

I've been enjoying myself here in Florida. I love the weather, so far! The town where I live is a bit far from the big cities (Miami and Orlando) but it's okay. I would love a public bus though! But anyway, so far so good. Work is fun, except for a one person who thinks he's all that because he came from one of the premier culinary schools here in the US. But I really believe that a student is what makes that school "look" good, it maybe the best, because they have produced students who worked hard to become one of the best. It doesn't mean that everyone there will come out good, especially if he doesn't have the right attitude.

With all that said, I would like to say, that he sucked. HAHA. But that's for another blog. HAHA I have met some really cool people here. I still keep in touch with several cool people from Colorado. I miss my baby heaps, though!

I also miss my friends. I was talking to one of my closest (and one of the best) friends, and I learned that he wasn't doing great. And I just received an email from our friend and she's also not well. Another friend's heart is broken because her boyfriend passed away. I wish I could be there for all of them. Give them a hug or an encouraging pat in the back. Or maybe just grab coffee with them and sit there to listen to them. I'm doing what I can from here. I just hate that they're not okay, when I'm here having a good time. How I wish that we can all be having the time of our lives and we can share all the good times with each other.

I also want them to know that I'm still here for them.