Monday, October 30, 2006

Wedding at Antonio's...teehee.

I dont know what came over me this morning but I just decided that I want my wedding recpetion to be at Antonio's. Gawd, I dont even have a groom yet. Several reasons:

1. I want to get married in Tagaytay, in one of the intimate churches there away from all the hassle.

2. I am only inviting select people max is 100 people.

3. I have always wanted a sit down dinner.

4. Antonio's is fabolous in the evenings!

5. It has the best ambiance for a hectic and hassle free wedding reception where everyone can just chill and enjoy the food.

6. Everyone has to stay and finish the entire course! BWAHAHA. Hey, it's Antonio's!

So now that I have that tiny bit of information settled, I need to find a designer for my gown, a church and more importantly a groom. I hope Antonio's will still be around when I find myself proposed to and ready to tie the knot.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Poppin' thoughts while driving...

In a bout of happy feet, I just had to go to Gateway to check out Goodwill Bookstore. I must've been quite a sight as I recieved a couple of blank stares and some incredulous stares from people I passed by. I was wearing a huge skirt, an off the shoulder top, heels and some face paint. I went to my god son's 1st birthday party at Saisaki in Megamall. I dropped off some kids and decided to drop by Gateway since I was already in the area. Nevertheless, halloween parties are abound and I guess I can just say I was going to one.

Anyway as it turns out Goodwill in Gateway wasn't as nice as the one in Glorietta. Okay so I on my way to the parking lot I passed by Gonuts Donuts and made a mistake of fancy-ing their blended coffee, hey, it looked interesting. IT WAS BAD. UGH! Next time I am really just gonna stick to Starbucks they have my right kind of blend.

Anyway, on the drive home my "standard" popped in my head. Well...some blog entries ago at mindsay I ranted about setting standards on friends you make and keep, potential boyfriends and well future husbands, I guess. I thought about my pops and daddy. I thought I wanted to have someone who is like them. Daddy, for being the one who encourages me not to be afraid to get what I want. He's the one who's helped mom alot on being the person she is today. He's that radient source of positive energy. And my Popsie, my papa, he tries his best, he helps me with my projects, drives me around, he helped me go through with my hellish thesis, he's a good provider and he loves me, simply because I'm the only one he's got. HEHE.

So there...the 2 great men in my lives. I wonder if I'd ever meet the other great man in my life which is both my papa and daddy in one.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Movies, pizza, siomai, watermelon and vodka.

We learned more tricks in getting buzzed. Watermelon and vodka. Yum! Yesterday I went to Tonets house to watch some movies, eat some pizza and drink vodka. Manay po, was hilarious!!!

I reckon Manel got bored. It was nice hangin' out like that. I wish I can do it more often.

Anyway...a ghost from the past visited me today...blasted ignore list why did you have to show whom I ignored! Anyway...I totally blew him off. I just didn't want to bother, because I knew I didn't want to be friends with him the way he wants us to. It's gonna take time if it's ever gonna get better which I doubt. A couple of reason's for that...

1. I don't trust him anymore.
2. He's a liar.
3. He betrayed me.
4. I dont have an ounce of respect for him, not anymore.

And I dont befriend people like that. I think it was a mistake even opening up myself to him in the first place.

Oh well over and done. It's time to look at the beautiful things ahead.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Gawd. I'm old.

Today I'm 24. No achievements...yet. Nothing to show for the last 24 years of existence. Well not really...I have finished architecture and will finish culinary arts in 3 weeks time. How about that?

Anyway...the day is uneventful except I gave cookies to my classmates. They liked it...thank gawd! Anyway...I'm having dinner with family. I can't help but not feel it's my day.

1. Someone irked me first thing in the morning.
2. I have exams I need to study for.
3. I'm broke. GRAAAH!

Anyway things will get better I know. At least I am now doing something I really like.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Birthday without friends.

This year is my no-fuss birthday. I am not throwing a party like I did last time. I wanted to just have a small get together for pizza, some movies and couple rounds of booze with friends. But we dont seem to be getting along okay right now. My birthday is so off...first of it's like way off pay I usually dont get presents...not that I am asking really...I just remember my mom buys me gifts or throws me party in advance in time for pay day...before. And it usually ALWAYS rains on my birthday or just a bit of a drizzle. Anyhow it's great I'll be 24 soon. I had a rather hazy 23rd year. And now my friends no matter how a small group we are, are in a middle of a misunderstanding...I hope we get along soon enough.

I got all the sides I wanted to hear...I am a neutral force kinda like Switzerland. I understood them all. I hope they talk soon so we can start with the booze and start chompin on the pizza.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ready to settle down at 24?

I had another "settle down" conversation with a friend. He was just happily telling me about his new relationship and I ranted about my bad taste in men:

Him: hi pareh

Me: Hi

H: How's it going?

M: Bruho ka namiss kita!

H: di nako single...

M: OMG!!!!!! Sino sino?

M: Ako shit papaka single nalang ako forever. Sobrang crap mga boys! I like swear to god!

H: ahahaha thats cause u need men not boys

M: Alam mo I think I have really bad taste in men. I usually have like a couple of good choices but I end up with the rotten ones.

H: well, statistically your bound to get a good one

M: Work work work. Tutal I plan to useless din magbuild ng relationship at this point.

H: tama ako bahala na may plans din family to migrate pero kung seryoso na tlgaw0oly nasa age na naman ako magpakasal eh

M: You're scary... Actually I have 2 of you that are scary. Alam mo yung may word na na kasal...

H: i dont really want to but alam mo un its always an option

M: But why is it an option if you didn't want to? Hehe pero my other friend is like so sure na...she told know I'm ready to settle down...and I'm like " What?" Are you serious?! You're 23!!!

H: i dont want to cause i dont know anyone that could be ..pero if i did meet someone

M: That's great man...besides my friend always said if you dont see yourself spending a lifetime with the person your with then you're wasting your time.

Whew. How come I have friends telling me they wanna settle down at 24 are you really ready? I think my problem is that I am not contented with what I have most times even if I have so much and that I feel that I camn achieve so much more. Either that or I have achieved nothing and they already achieved so much. Darn it!

Oh yeah, I'm turning 24 soon. I have a feeling of dread...another year older...and I can't say I've been happy the year that passed. But now I have a chance to be. Anyway...I was thinking of inviting some friends, limited actually, for pizza...but I dont think they can come...there's been a huge "scam" in the group and it's really sad we're like this. Darn.


For like the nth time I am changing blog adresses!!! Well not really I am just starting this new blog...but I will still post on the other one sporadically. Since my friend doesn't post on mindsay which is the reason why I even joined there. I've decided to post here instead! :) Link to my mindsay account is available. :)