Tuesday, April 28, 2009


And so. I have news I've been keeping for awhile just like the last time. And now I can say it. Im here at the Denver International Airport. I'm waiting for my flight to Durango, Colorado. I know it's far from Los Angeles, but I do not mind. I know that soon enough I will be with my Lovey again. AND WE WILL BE VERY HAPPY! HAHA I can't wait.

For awhile I have been so mad for getting stuck in the Philippines, because of very bad choices. But now, I am given another shot at playing the ball. I am given a chance to change my life and this time, make better decisions. I still have some remainders of the past bad decisions I made. Hopefully I will forgive myself for those things before I enter a new chapter in my life. If things go as planned.

I am excited to start over with my life. I know I have good things in store for me. For now, all I can say is that I am so tired. But I am very very happy to be here.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

"...he's so wonderful, I realize that I had been terrible..." - Manel

Wow. As in WOW. I went out to see my friend Manel today and while we talked about our significant others she said these words and I realized that I felt the exact same thing! And I never, NEVER admitted to it until today. Yes, I am burning in hell with my pride. HAHA

Thing is, I never told Rey just how wonderful he is, until today. When the truth is, he is the most wonderful thing that happened to me. Even his sister agrees, he's the perfect boyfriend. :)

And the best thing is. He is MY boyfriend! As in MINE ONLY! HAHA Eat your heart out! :P

Thursday, April 09, 2009

One More Chance.

Holy week. This is the time I usually spend envying other people who can go to the beach and lay around the sun and the sand, while I stay at home, try to pray and put my iPod on loop. HEHE And so, in a clear effort not to stay green with envy I just watch TV. Thank heavens for cable! Well, not really. I know. I know this is not a time to watch television and drown myself with my play list but I can only focus on praying and repenting for so many hours. And so I ended up indulging the cheesy in me and started watching Cinema One. And just my luck, it’s John Lloyd and Bea!!! And what a movie. One where I can sooo clearly relate to right now. Gah.

Bea (Basia) and John Lloyd (Popoy) have been together for five years. They’re planning to get married. Basia and Popoy both work for the same construction firm where Basia is an Architect and Popoy is an Engineer. Basia broke up with Popoy because of how he was handling the relationship. She has started to feel like she lost a part of herself when they were together. She started to struggle in the relationship and eventually had to choose between the man she loves and between learning to love herself again. Of course he was devastated with her decision and was a wreck. After months of being separated Popoy returned to her scene (started to join barkada stuff again) appearing to have completely moved on. He also has a new girlfriend, a singer – but there’s something different about the “moved on” Popoy. Basia, of course, is still in love with him and broke up with him because she felt like she needed it. Popoy never really stopped loving her. The new girlfriend was the rebound. Poor girl. How does it end? Of course, Popoy just needed time to be alone and forget the pain Basia cost but in the end comes back for her, and I guess they lived happily ever after.

Where do I relate in this story? I’m the singer. HAHA. Well, it’s really not THAT funny. Whats the moral of this story? Stick to the iPod, steer clear of cheesy Pinoy love team films! GAH.