Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ber Months = Christmas

So, it's September! Meaning, it's Christmas time!!!! So my Christmas wishlist, as usual!

1. Him. Still, like every year since 2008.
2. Win the lottery jackpot! HEHE
3. A better opportunity, career wise.
4. Pass the Red Seal Exams!
5. A nice day (and get the day off) to hike up Signal Hill once again.

Thank you! :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remember when...

Remember when your boylet/boytoy/boyfriend would tell you he'll call you and when you would wait and he forgets to call and a fight ensues? Well, I am well past that stage. Things are so simple back then. If your guy calls as he said he would all would remain nice. If he didn't then that's another story. Of course, I didn't really think that forgetting to call could actually mean something else, like maybe he was calling another girl or worse is already out with someone else.

Now, we ask more important questions like "Is he the one?" "Can I trust him?" "Will he do everything in his power not to hurt me?" "Should I marry him?" "Will he be a good father?" "Will he be a good husband?" "Will I be a good wife?" "Can I live with the annoying things about him?" And the list goes on.

Hay. I'm so bored.