Monday, January 31, 2011


I am so happy! :)

I know, I am also so bi-polar. But hey, I'll take it! :P

Anyway, I'm waiting for a few things in the next few weeks and I'm starting to feel good. Even with some unavoidable annoyances. :)

Lovin' it.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


I'm Rica. I'm 28, and I want to be free again.


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

I'm a few days late. HEHE I was busy at work and stressed with all the paperwork I had to do. And like what my good friend Joal said "Just like that it's 2011!!!" He is right, time flew by so fast! I only have 1 year and half to stay here in the US. And well, some of my goals are still floating around. I'm kicking off the new year broke, haha. I have to pay off some bills and saving to pay off my aunt.

First Quarter of 2010
It started out somber and depressing, with all the fights. And to pass time, attention and avoid losing it, I started to actively nurture relationships with friends. New friends and old friends I had been neglecting, I bonded more with my good friend Kevin, kept in touch with my Ate Sandy, April and the ones I left (and miss dearly) back home. And for awhile, I actually started to enjoy myself again, as long as I didn't pick up the phone to talk to him. But of course, things do not turn out that way.

Second Quarter of 2010
I was going back to the Cape! Not in Orleans, but Provincetown. I was so excited. I wrapped up work in Florida and headed over to Ptown! No, I didn't do Disneyworld or MCA Universal (I need to go back!) but I guess there will be a next time. Provincetown is interesting. I like it there but I had some problems with work, and I just had to suck it up. I also met some awesome people!!! I will never forget them!

Third Quarter of 2010
The visit was the highlight of this part of the year. My relationship seemed to be healing, aside from some relapses from my part. I was also finally going back to Arizona. Provincetown's charm was slowly wearing off and I'm gearing up for my visit to NYC! I am so excited to be seeing one of my bestest friends! I was also very lonely and saddened with the goodbyes.

Fourth Quarter of 2010
Celebrating my birthday alone. Celebrating our anniversary alone. But we weren't fighting as much as we used to, which was good. Holidays!!! I had to work on a lot of them but the best was being off Christmas and having him and his parents come to spend Christmas with me. New Year was spent working, as usual. But at least we didn't argue that day, for a change.

Heartfelt thank you's to:

Mama, Papa - Thank you for being the most understanding parents ever!

Nanay - You always surprise me with how much you really love us and you show it in such a different way. Even when you are sooo makulit. Love you!

Mom and Dad (aunt and uncle) - Thank you for being so supportive of me!

Rey - I love you!

Kevin and Manel - thank you for your time and effort spent on keeping our friendship going!

Antonette - soulsista, I miss you! Happy Birthday this month!

April - I don't know how long you'll be around, but I'll take what I can get!

My JIC friends: I miss you guys dearly!!!

My DMC Filipino friends: Thank you! :)