Saturday, April 26, 2008

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, SAY No Evil.

Remember how I have really crappy housemates? Okay...from now on I will no longer call 'em the names I used to call 'em. I was talking to my aunt last night and she told me off for name calling and making deregatory comments about these people. She's right. I am asking for a miracle right now. And why would God give me that miracle if I say alot of shit about people. So I must stop.

I must pretend.

I must pretend I dont see anything, hear anything and I must not say anything. Sometimes I must admitt I am so consumed in anger that I feel I want to destroy all of them. But I can't. Like my lawyer said, keep a good thought. So I must do what I must to keep msyelf away from such people.

Oh, this is so teasing my bratinella side.

On the bright side, I might to Vegas soon. I hope! And the more brighter side! I will not be seeing them anymore! Weee! :) Massachusettes is a good place! :)

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