Saturday, March 07, 2009

Qualities Of My Prince.

--Because my friend, April pesters me, how I knew the Prince to be My Prince. HAHA I got this at some relationship quiz a while ago.


INTELLECT (Bright and can share my understanding of the worls as well as enjoy discussing important issues.)

FAMILY LIFE (Commited to marriage, home and family.)

EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY (Able to have a stable life with someone else.)

FAMILY (Shares my desire to have or adopt children.)

PERSONAL HABITS (Maintains high standards of personal hygiene and other personal habits.)

PASSIONATE (Willing to explore our sexual *grins* desires with passion and understanding.)

COMMUNICATOR (Good at talking and listening. *I got more than what I asked for.*)

STRONG CHARACTER (Honest and strong enough to do the right thing.)

CHEMISTRY (Feel deeply in love with and attracted to my partner.)

AMBITION (Shares my desire to achieve high financial and/or career goals.)


LYING (Someone who lies to anyone.)

CHEAP (Tightfisted as to be impractical.)

CHEATING (Takes advantage of people. *wink*)

UNDEPENDABLE (Fails to come through and unreliable.)

SELF-CENTERED (Main topic is himself. *I know someone.*)

INFIDELITY (Engages on sex outside a committed relationship.)

DENIAL (Unable to accept blame or see fault in their actions. *Guess who?!!*)

HYPOCRITES (Holds double standards. *Err...sorry*)

VANITY (Overly interested in their physical appearance. *If he takes longer to get out of the restroom more than you. Take hair loss pills, or buys Olay Total Effect, then I suggest you think long and hard about him. HAHA*)

FLIRTS (Constantly flirts with the opposite sex.)

--There you have it, April. Unfortunately I cannot find the quiz again. I would've wanted you to take it. HAHA

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