Sunday, July 25, 2010


April 2009 - Ate's (me) despedida at Metrowalk.

December 2008 - At the house.

October 2005 - Likes to lie on my bed too!

July 2004 - Looking good, baby!

June 2004 - Happy pirate eye!

I do not really remember when I got Diego. All I know is that at that time I got him, I was looking for a dog. I was gonna get a Pomeranian, but my best friend asked me if it was possible for me to adopt him. He needed some love.

I hope he knows even if I didn't have enough patience to walk him all the time or bathe him or hand feed him like my mom does. But I cuddle with him all the time! And I annoy him all the time. HAHA The best thing about him is he knows just when to approach you. I once almost had a meltdown during my thesis and he went up to me and started to nuzzle and lick my face and it calmed me down. And he's the first to the gate to greet you and races to you to say hi.

Smart dog. (He knows when we're just playing him along making him go back and forth.)

Loving dog.

He's like the brother I never had. I will surely surely miss this baby. I know I can never have another Diego in my lifetime.

Thank you Diego. You made me happy. Your original owner missed out on you. :)

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