Sunday, February 27, 2011

Friendships In A Foreign Land.

Real friends nowadays are hard to come by, what more if you are in a foreign land. Sure, I have roommates whom I talk to, I have colleagues whom I see everyday at work but I cannot seem to fully bring myself to consider most of them friends. I know that if one day I needed help, I know that I cannot rely on any of these people to be there for me.

Some of them are weird. Some of them are two faced. Some of them are just plain nasty. But the thing that really irritates me and scares me the most are the two faced ones. They talk shit about someone, and that someone thinks that they are "okay" worse is that they are friends. And it makes you wonder, what the hell does this person say about me behind my back?! You know what I mean? UGH. I wonder how these people have friends. And I wonder if they're friends know what kind of friends they have.

So I am really glad to know that I already have the friends I need. And these new people, I'm not sure what to make of them.

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