Tuesday, August 28, 2007



Everyone has them. I think I am deluded by them, but what if you're not someone's ideal? How does it feel?

I am not his ideal girl. I've known for a while. Actually, I think I've known ever since. It's funny right? That I cry every night because of a guy who doesn't even think of me as his ideal girl. Not really. It's funny knowing and trying not to feel anything about it.

I want to know what he thinks of me. Does he smile when he thinks of me? Will he remember me fondly? Will he treasure the memories we had? What will he remember of me most?

Tears. Leche.

I wanted to know if I can even be close to what this girl is like. Maybe somehow I have something in me that's remotely close to what she is, that I have something to offer that she cant. And maybe it will be enough to make him stay.

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