Monday, November 19, 2007


I am here in LA for a couple of days. I am on my day off and decided to fly out here to visit my aunt and uncle. I went to Venice Beach! It's a haven for artists and weirdos. HAHA There's this stall which had an experiment on the medicinal affects of marijuana. And one guy who was shouting will work for marijuana. Some stalls had interesting trinkets for sale plus some artwork. My uncle bought a salt and pepper shaker the were in a hug. There's a guy who was roller blading around in a turban and a guitar. And a guy who stood there naked for money. HAHA It was hilarious.

It is very cold here! And I am close to freezing all the time. My heart wants to chill out of my chest! LA has been fun. Plus my aunt gave me a lot of things which I dunno how I will bring back to Arizona given the fact that I didn't have any luggage with me. Oh well. I wish I had a laptop though so I can talk to Francis more because I always miss him.

So there. Next time maybe I will have more money I can actually shop!

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manel said...

i miss you.
kamusta ka na?