Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I apologize...

To my friends who havent heard from me since I got here. I am sorry. But you can come check out my blog from time to time to read up on my life here. It's just I get tamad to write.

So far things have been well, except that my room mates dont like me, why? And I had been the perfect room mate during day one. After I learned that they didn't like me I ceased to be one. And I just go about my business not bothering with them anymore.

You know how it is that when you're back home you're so burara and since you're now on your own, you've taken to taking care of your things and yourself. So I like my, or should I say apartment clean? So what? And how I told them not to use the dryer until after they get the lint of it because it can burn the house down...not only our apartment but the rest of the complex? What is freakin' wrong with that?

Anyway, I wish my room mates were Kevin and Manel. I'm sure I'd be having a blast. Or I wish I was with Francis. I'm sure I'd be better off. *sigh*


manel said...

awww. eh dios mio naman ni hindi ka man lang sumusulat ng email sakin! teka. patingin naman ng pic ng apartment mo?!

soulfoolchic said...

Hey check out my multiply posted pics there!