Sunday, December 23, 2007


Are any of my friends still reading this stupid thing? I feel like ranting today. I did something I shouldnt have done. I checked his friendster account. Yep, I told myself i wouldnt do it anymore. Did you know what it said in his status? It's complicated! Now suddenly our status was complicated. BULLSHIT. And you know what doesnt help? Me, being so fucking far away.

Bakit ganun? Why did he bother if he will only hurt me? I told him so many times what Donald did to me. How I caught the dude cheating on me through friendster. Bakit subjected na naman ako sa pain na ganito? Halos maglumuhod na ako pleading for him not to pull something like Donald. My pleas has fallen on deaf ears. What the fuck is wrong with you man?

I am so mad at myself. I love a guy who doesnt have a heart.

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