Monday, March 24, 2008

Other Uses for Tampons.

So, in the wake of my series of nose bleeds, I had one in the kitchen while working. Since I can't just sit in a corner and wait for it to stop because there was work to be done. I did the one thing I really didn't want to do, that G has suggested to me more than once. I took a tampon and shoved it up my nose. They wont stop laughing or staring at me. Chaz even said he thought he was sexy. He's hilarious.

It's getting dryer and dryer and any nasal action (re: nose picking, scratching or sneezing) will cause my nose to bleed. Hell I even bleed in the middle of the night.

Anyway so I spoke to Kevin for like what seemed like a long time and it's just sad to hear him become so cynical about love. I can see myself in him during my "dark days". I know it will pass. But he said he doesn't want it to pass. That he's consciously embracing this cynicism.

I know it may not seem much, but one day she'll find you. And then you'll agree with me Kev...ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. :)

In the mean time, we're here for you (manel and me) and we love you dude. Right doc?

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