Sunday, April 19, 2009

"...he's so wonderful, I realize that I had been terrible..." - Manel

Wow. As in WOW. I went out to see my friend Manel today and while we talked about our significant others she said these words and I realized that I felt the exact same thing! And I never, NEVER admitted to it until today. Yes, I am burning in hell with my pride. HAHA

Thing is, I never told Rey just how wonderful he is, until today. When the truth is, he is the most wonderful thing that happened to me. Even his sister agrees, he's the perfect boyfriend. :)

And the best thing is. He is MY boyfriend! As in MINE ONLY! HAHA Eat your heart out! :P


manel said...

heheheh what did he say?

icewulf said...

@manel: i can't say anything. the feeling is overwhelming, and its beyond words. i did shed a couple of tears though after finding out. :)

soulfoolchic said...

@bu: Totoo ba yan? HAHA

@Manel: Hey, kitain mo si kev when he goes home.

he said "eeeeeeee *kilig*"