Tuesday, April 28, 2009


And so. I have news I've been keeping for awhile just like the last time. And now I can say it. Im here at the Denver International Airport. I'm waiting for my flight to Durango, Colorado. I know it's far from Los Angeles, but I do not mind. I know that soon enough I will be with my Lovey again. AND WE WILL BE VERY HAPPY! HAHA I can't wait.

For awhile I have been so mad for getting stuck in the Philippines, because of very bad choices. But now, I am given another shot at playing the ball. I am given a chance to change my life and this time, make better decisions. I still have some remainders of the past bad decisions I made. Hopefully I will forgive myself for those things before I enter a new chapter in my life. If things go as planned.

I am excited to start over with my life. I know I have good things in store for me. For now, all I can say is that I am so tired. But I am very very happy to be here.

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