Thursday, June 25, 2009

Child Sponsorship.

I have wanted to do this for awhile. But I keep hesitating. I kept saying, next time. And then I forget all about it. One fine Sunday, at church, a visiting priest spoke about sponsorships thru their organization. I listened. And I decided, I have to do this now, or else I wont be able to do this at all.

I picked a folder out. I read what was inside and put it back. I picked another one and read it and then put it back again. I picked a boy named Zal, eventually. He lives in Zamboanga in the Philippines. I chose someone from my home country simply because I know what poverty there is like.

I got my first newsletter today and I held back tears as I read the stories they shared about being a sponsor. I hope that I can keep sponsoring Zal and wont have to stop for financial reasons. I am happy that I finally did this.

If anyone is interested please contact: Now I hope I remember to buy a postcard for him tomorrow! :)

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