Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Prince.

I always thought that a Prince will be someone who is dashingly handsome.  And all the girls in the world will envy me because he chose me to be his princess.  He will come to me in a great white horse to save me from the foul creature that kept me from loving him. And after my Prince has slain the creature he will carry me on his horse, we will get married and live happily ever after.

But he’s not all of those things. My Prince is not only handsome outside but also inside. His heart is pure and full of love for me and all the people he cares about. He’s not your typical Prince who has a huge castle with plenty of gold and gems to offer me. He’s the kind of Prince who cares about others too much, and cares so little about himself. He is not the Prince who only serves to woo women and make them gush. He’s the Prince, who respects them and doesn’t play with their hearts.

Prince didn’t blow me away with his electrifying presence, but swept me away with his kind heart and thoughtfulness. My Prince showed me how to truly fall in love and stay in love. He showed me what real love is all about, a love that would last more than years, more than decades or even centuries.

I always protected myself from pain so I can keep my heart whole for him. But I found out that I was only whole when I was with him. When we are apart my soul languishes in agony for being without its other half. But endlessly hopes until the day that they are together again. He is not the Prince who plays but the one who prays, not only for me but for everyone he loves.

He’s the Prince who smiles when I smile and cries when I cry. He lifts me up when I’m down. And without an ounce of pride, lets me lift him up too. He hears out all my whines patiently and explains to me the reasons for such. He teaches the spoiled little girl in me, how to be grown up. He allows me to be his partner, the Ms. Hyde to his Dr. Jekyll, Lois Lane to his Clark Kent, Cher to his Sonny and the Batman to his Robin (HAHA). Partners, like husbands and wives. He’s the Prince who selflessly gives himself to me, and only me. He has attended to all my needs, and at times to my caprices.

He showed me a future at his side. Which place I never want to leave behind.  A little prologue to heaven, a future we both share and dream about. He’s the Prince I’ve been waiting for. He’s the one I wrote to once, and is writing to again. He’s the Prince I loved when I didn’t know him. And now that I do, there’s nothing else to do but…love him more.

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