Saturday, January 30, 2010

Meant To Be?

I don't know how many "Meant To Be?" entries I might already have but this is the question that likes to pop up in my head from time to time. So, I was talking to my mom last night, she asked me to call her because two of my college friends were at the house at the request of my aunt. They were going to talk about some projects she might have for one of them.

Let me give you some history. These two people dated for four years in college. They were like one of those sweetest college sweethearts then. I liked them together. But towards our last year, they broke up. they moved in the same circle of friends and managed to remain friends after their break up. As far as I know, the girl remained pretty much still in love with the guy for a while after the break up. After graduating, we all went our separate ways -- keeping in touch of course. They both started dating other people and remained great friends.

Now, my mom thinks they're back together. When I asked them they didn't say no, BUT they didn't exactly say yes. Guy said "We'll see how it goes." Girl said "I'm not denying or confirming anything." But it pretty much looks like they're getting to know each other again. They may or may not get back together -- that I am not sure yet. But they seem to be taking steps towards getting back together.

So maybe, just maybe they are meant to be together. Isn't life sweet to be given another shot at loving someone you used to love or has continued to love? I am not saying that I am missing an old boyfriend of mine or maybe I am still in love with them. NO. Nothing like that. If anything, I am missing my boyfriend, Rey. Our relationship may be having a tough time right now, and it may not seem like the most ideal one to be in. But I don't want to wait for us to separate to find out if we were meant to be. I want us to stay together and know that we are meant to be.

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