Saturday, February 13, 2010

You don't care that we're slowly losing each other.

I asked you once, what would you do if I couldn't keep up and you said, you'll cross the bridge when you get there.

But now I see that you don't care.

So why should I?


Francesco said...

Oh, I thought everything's doing ok na? Yeah, you should care less about it and it ain't worth fighting for. Why do you need to chase up with this guy anyway? If you're the one running after his tails, Stop. Look and Listen. (Train warnings are applicable to our lives after all - lol)

You're better off without him, trust me.


soulfoolchic said...

Why would I trust you? HAHA

Tama na ang pagfifeeling sa Prince prince na yan. HAHA

I'm moving on to a King. :P

Nickoy said...

buhay pa din ang prince? antagal na nyan ah...

soulfoolchic said...

HAHA Popo! My King is in California. :)

Francesco said...

The king? oh my gulay...nag level up ka na pala. fine. hahahaha