Friday, April 02, 2010


It's spring again. It will be almost a year since I came back here in the US to be with him. One year. And I only got to spend time with him thrice since. And now...I don't know how to be with him. How to get past these issues we have. I just don't.

One year of enduring the loneliness of being alone, being away from my friends, working a job that though I love, with the conditions of my visa, doesn't allow me to grow in the profession. All this for him, for our dreams and for the future we promised each other. what?

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Francesco said...

so what if it's spring? Para kang baliw dyan. Come least you still have a home in my heart....naks!

Anyway, what a "tae" season. Don't you just hate it?! lol come home.