Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thank You.

I want to say Thank You to...

- Some surprise people. I wont mention your names here but I want you to know I am thankful for your moral support and for cheering me up.

- Two old loves.

Popo -- you have always, ALWAYS been there for me. I cannot stress enough how much I value our friendship. So it's true in some weird way...kahit anong mangyari. :) Thank you!

Francis -- You know me in a different way. Thank you for your words of encouragement. And thank you for always making me see that I can have the best. You still owe me though. But it doesn't mean you haven't helped me by telling me the truth when I asked for it.

- April -- your wisdom amazes me. I wish when you encounter these problems you would practice what you preach. Thank you for everything.

- Antonette -- tough love. Thank you.

- Kevin -- another tough love. But thank you. I miss you. I hope to see you soon. :)

- Manel -- MIA. But the time you were not. Thank you.

- Sital and Niko - for keeping me company during those nights I can't stand to be alone.

- Jaime, Zacky, Mikey, Anthony, Dave, Rachel, Regina, Reddis, Russ -- for the concern and for making me laugh. You guys are the best people I have had the pleasure of working with so far. :) Thank you, thank you.

- And you, yeah you. Rey -- I don't know what to do with you. You hurt me so much. But I still would like to thank you...for everything.

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