Thursday, December 08, 2011

Great Loves.

What do we really know about great loves? Sex And The City once said that you only have two great loves. But how do we know that is indeed a great love. You see once or twice I claimed that someone was my great love. But now I wonder what I knew of it since I concluded they were my great love when I barely even knew them. When the relationship was at it's happiest, when problems were not existent yet, and everything was all butterflies.

So, did I really know anything about great loves? Or did I just conclude from the idealogy that had always filled my head? It may be the latter. Maybe it is the desire to find that kind of love. That's why I would mindlessly say "You are my great love." Without really knowing what it meant, what it took to be able to say that that was indeed a great love.

I imagine a great love to be that of Carrie and Big, wouldn't you say? After 10 long tumultous years of being lovers and then friends and then somewhere in between, it was still the two of them all along. And just when they were getting married too, Big decided to screw up but STILL in the end it was STILL the both of them all along.

I guess it's suffice to say that alot of times I have no idea what I am saying to someone else or to myself. And I should stop doing that so that I wont be clouding my head with ridiculous thoughts of fairy tales and idealism.

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