Sunday, May 28, 2006

A past that is being way too friendly.

"Part of the fantasy of every betrayed women is that one day the guy will come back and answer all your questions, and apologize for hurting you. But the thing is, he wont. He'll die a liar and will feel good about himself. That is how selfish he is. He cant give you closure, you have to find it yourself. You get angry with him then you get over him. Bless him in your mind and have peace with yourself. When or if he comes back you can say hi and goodbye in the same sentence."
- Tere Hao

I feel this paragraph. A week ago my past crept up to me again and blew my collected self out of wits again. After I blurted out some rather hurtful words, he managed to message me again a couple of days after. Gawd, I figured there is absolutely no use in trying to blow him off or trying to run away from him.

I finally just agreed to what he wanted half hoping he'd just disappear over time kind of like the ones who already did.

".. he cant give you closure"

No one can ever give us closure it is something we should attain ourselves. Closure is when we finally decide and accept that it was over. And wont bother with questions such as what happened, why it happened, and how it happened, anymore. It is within ourselves.

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