Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Random thoughts...

I'm considering moving to QC near work.

I can't take the commute to and from work, plus I'll be able to save on my expenses.

I have to check with my Aunt if I can live with her, but...there's no AC.

Random Question: How do you (yes you!) feel when I cry? I just thought about it, triggered by somethng a friend told me, you seem not to care even if I'm crying. I just realized that when we fight and I start to cry you just sit there, and you seem to be so cold hearted.

I looked like a first time promdi when I went to Trinoma this morning when I reported to work. I must've looked silly.

I love the "Greenbelt" side of it!

Can I stand living with cousins who don't talk to me?

I want to go to bora.

My neck still hurts.

The cute guy from FOH has a pink phone...and I think he wants to have the same PINK phone that I have. BWAHAHAHAHA Oh well.

I miss Andre, my Bubu's so kulit nephew! I'm going to bake him cookies, with less sugar one of these days. HAHA

Bad back again! Argh!

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