Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sana Maulit Muli

I was watching this film earlier on cable, simply because there wasn't anything more interesting to watch. The story is all about a couple who had to separate because the heroine was set to migrate to the US. And the hero, urged her to go so that she can learn to be more independent. And as most stories go, the girl had a hard time adjusting but soon got used to it and was able to cope with the lifestyle. The hero, in his effort to win his love back has decided to go to the US and woo her back only to realize that they've drifted so far apart.

So, while I was seeing this I started to wonder about how my relationship will take this, in the event that one of us leaves for work. I'm not sure if the relationship can handle that much strain. We haven't really been together that long, admittedly up to now, we are still getting to know each other. Plus the fact that I still stand insecure to his hoardes of girls. I mean I don't think I'll ever get over it. They're just too many! I was browsing his friends list and almost everyone on his list is a girl! I mean what about those girls who aren't in his list? And most of the people his inbox are also girls! Argh. I mean with the proximity, the fact that we dont really have the super duper tight bond as a couple yet, whose to say that he wont find someone else. There are couples who have been together for years and yet when one of them leaves, the relationship also dies. Paano pa kaya kami? Hay, I'm going crazy.

Anyway, so there, I've let it out. At least that's another thing I don't really need to think about that much...*sigh*

Can't my brain rest for awhile? *looks up* I knew I should've stuck to The Untalkative Rabbit on Disney! Argh!

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