Friday, September 28, 2007

The NEXT flight out.

This is the official statement. Yes, I am leaving. Yes, it might be for good. I cannot say yet what my plans are but it definitely includes my wonderful boyfriend.

My flight will tentatively be on October 16. Yes, I wont be here for my birthday, so if you're planning anything for me or with me on that day, do it earlier. HEHE

Yes, I am in a rollercoaster of feelings. One minute I am excited, the next I am sad. No, I wont be treating anyone to a despedida thing nor am I throwing my own despedida party. One, I dont have enough funds, and next, friends are supposed to do this for you. But I'd like to see everyone I care for before I go, so that hopefully they wouldn't forget about me.

So there. I want to say "see yah!" to all my friends I will leave behind. Catch me all on YMessanger when I get a laptop. Or my phone will be on roaming so we can still text. :) See you next year. Or probably not.

And most especially to my Prince:

I love you. This is not good bye, hopefully. I will see you soon. I will let you marry me someday...soon. :) This is for us. You're my only one. Thank you for your support and love.

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