Saturday, September 15, 2007

Not so impossible...

All of a sudden the idea of a "forever" doesn't seem too far fetched.

I stopped believing that I'd find someone who can love me forever. For me, forever is just a lucid idea. Blame it on the bitterness caused by a cheating ex-boyfriend. Forever, then, crumbled. It was a preposterous idea made up by fools. And I refuse to be a fool anymore.

But, this guy I am with now. This man, I so fondly call "my prince", him who I wrote those letters to. Him, whom I wanted to be "my prince", he makes me want to believe in "forever" again. That it can still happen, for me.

Is it possible that maybe he can love me forever? Is it possible that he can withstand all of my whims, my caprices, my moods and my unpleasant attitude, and still love me in spite of these imperfections?

Is it safe for me to believe that forever is not impossible, that it happens? Can it? Will it?

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