Tuesday, October 23, 2007


So, I have finally arrived here in Arizona. It took me a while to get started. It's a good thing I found the library where I get free internet access!!! Cool huh?!

I miss my Bubu. Right now it's about the only thing I miss back home. No offense. I also started working already. I don't miss my old job much, since I am also a pizza girl here. Anyway, my apartment is great and my room mates are also nice.

I walk all the time since I don't have a car and it takes forever for the bus to come. Sometimes I wish my bubu is with me. We can share all of the nice things I see here, together. I kinda like it here. Well, I haven't seen what it's like in the summer.

I might go to LA on Nov. Yay! I miss LA already even if I was there for like 4 hours already and 2 hours of which is spend waiting in the airport! HAHAHA Anyway so will blog again another time! :)

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manel said...

hey. email me okay? dont you miss me?! im glad youre having a fab time there.