Thursday, October 04, 2007

Presenting the De Venancio Puppet!

This family have a lot to say about what I do with my life! Sure, they give me everything. Sure, they give me money, clothes, unneccessary gadgets and stuff but I thought they were gifts. I didn't know they were buying my free will with it. Even God, gave me my OWN free will!

It's depressing how my cousins can get away with almost everything and me? I'm stuck being the responsible one, being the one who didn't want to disappoint anyone anymore. In short, I HAVE TO MAKE UP FOR MY COUSINS MISTAKES.

Sure they might have good intentions, but they never understood where I am coming from, why I am doing these things. I have a life. I have a boyfriend whom I love. Why must they tell me what they want for me all the time? What they want are sometimes not what I want!

I'm leaving in less than a week! I am so sad not being able to spend more time with my boyfriend. I miss him alot. I will miss him when I leave, but no, they just dont get it. They never get it.

And they say the DONT use their money for power. Well, they are very wrong!

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