Saturday, February 07, 2009


Hindi naman mashado obvious that you guys are reading MY blog. HAHA It's alright. I don't really care much. It's just amusing.

So, moving on. I finally got my teddy back. Thanks to my ex's mom. It's nice how we've remained friends thru all the mess. Then again, I am also friends with my other ex's mom. And I made quite a good rapport with my fiance's mom, so I guess that concludes I'm quite good with moms. HAHA

Restaurant is going to be running soon, we're so busy preparing everything. I'm excited! :)

I'm missing my besty, Tonet. Some other friends like Ella, Gelo (he still owes me photo sessions), and starting to miss my girls.

I have a new project. To chronicle my life on still pictures. I just think I should have at least one photo of me each month. Oh well. Like I have the time.

Browsing my folder of Bubu's stuff. Our stuff. I should really start putting some things down for the wedding. I have the dress design I want, the entourage needs more tweaking (got a lot to do with his side though), need to get confirmed. Blah blah.

Need to continue losing weight. HEHE The no starch diet is not working out because of company meals, but I'll do something about it soon.

I need to go to Nickoy's (yes, I am perfectly aware of the conditions imposed), to copy songs off of her pc and see the baby.

I miss my beautiful niece!!! I posted a picture of her on my multiply site. I want my own little Rey...Reys. HEHE

Getting more sleep but really missing my Bubu. He's coming back soon though! :D

Fourth month is coming up. It's really near V-Day, super baduy. HAHA

I want to make yema, probably tomorrow. Yema tarts! Damn, I forgot to print out my research on yema at work. Grrr. Oh but I have a visitor tomorrow so, scratch that.

I want an iPhone!!! *please give*

Tired. Zzzzz.

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