Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pre V-Day Drama.

I'm slowly getting engulfed in some melancholic cloud, brought about by some reasons I am not yet aware of...but I have several guesses:

1. Valentine's Day is coming up. And we're thousands of miles apart.
2. PMS. Although it's too early.
3. I miss him.
4. Low sugar intake. HAHA
5. I just need a time-out. Some time alone.
6. I just realized what a bad friend I've been.
7. Looking for a dress I can't seem to find at the price I wanna buy it for. HAHA
8. Gaining weight.
9. Stressed out.
10. I want to go abroad again. I'm sick of Pinas. (Sorry peeps. If my baby ain't here, then I should'nt be here either.)

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