Friday, May 01, 2009

Rainbow Colors.

I've met some rather interesting people here in Colorado already. We're all going to be working together some time. My dorm neighbors are Brazilian, Argentinean and Jamaicans. Some of the guys I will work with will be Thai, Vietnamese, more Jamaicans, more South Americans, English, Americans, Native Americans, Romanians and Canadians. I also have Filipino colleagues. And my room mates are three other Filipinas. They're quite different though, more civilized than the last. One of them can be such a pest, because she asks too manyquestions, some I find rather stupid but she's okay. One of them is a slow poke.

The Brazilians are kinda low key, same with the Argentineans. The Jamaicans are sort of loud but they seem to be fun. Osbourne says that their language is English but whenever I listen to them I kinda just hear "ratatatatatatatatatat." It sounds silly at times. But they speak alot slower when we talk to them.

Im quite lucky because I'm only a hop and a skip away from my work place. It's right across my dorm. I already met the Executive Chef and my Sous Chef. I'm hoping for a good season. Tell you more, I need to get some rest because I want to take a small walk. Take some photos and catch the sunset.

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