Saturday, December 05, 2009

Christmas Wishlist 2009

Once again it's December. And it's my fave time of year to post my wishlist!

1. Rey =) (For all our plans to fall into place.)
2. 370 Z Fairlady HEHE
3. Mini Cooper S - Pink with white stripes.
4. Grand Livre De Cuisine by Alain Ducasse (all volumes, there are 4 I believe.)
5. A good, stable job for both of us.
6. Win the Lottery (HEHE)
7. To be able to go back to school -- The French Culinary Institute.
8. A macro lens. (have not decided which one yet.)
9. A wide angle lens. (have not decided which one yet.)
10. Nikon D3x body kit. (WAHEHE)


Here is the over the counter version HAHA:

1. Liver spread. (I want to cook Menudo!)
2. Datu Puti Soy Sauce.
3. Datu Puti Vinegar.
4. Jufran Ketchup.
5. Coconut milk.
7. Bagoong - mild.
8. Tinapang Bangus.
9. Daing na Bangus.
10. Rellenong Bangus.

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