Thursday, January 04, 2007

Fasting for thanksgiving.

Okay...I was texting with a friend of mine late this afternoon. We were talking about meeting up and just catching up on stuff. But she can't do lunch or dinner because she's fasting. I asked her why, she said she's converting on Feb and she's praying for it. So I thought about it. This year one of my new year's resolution is to go to church on first Fridays and every Sunday. I thought, maybe I should fast too. To praise and thank God. My friend Myles, said it's also a time of prayer. Maybe I can use this as a way to reconnect with God. I mean I don't have plans of converting ever. But maybe I can also do things other people do in their own beliefs right?

I'll see what I should do first. Anyway, uneventful day, I went to Makati and walked from one hotel to another passing out my resume. Felt good to be walking. It wasn't hot. The sun wasn't out. It was a bit cloudy even drizzled a lil bit. It was a nice walk, only I wasn't wearing the right shoes and now I have two bruises on my feet. Weh.

I was listening to the radio earlier while I was driving to Makati. And there was this thing about the stress buster tips that smiling even if you don't feel good helps you lighten up your mood. And a minute of laughter produces endorphins that can keep a person's mood happy for hours. Negative thoughts have negatives effects on the body. Smiling and laughter lowers the stress levels in the body. Yada yada.

I always say this that I will start to relieve myself of negative thoughts. And I do try but I am human and I am sometimes plagued by anxiety. So from not on I will really try to think positive and not contradict myself so much. Hehe.

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