Saturday, June 28, 2008

Inner Monologues...again.

Sometimes I have these bad break up conversations with Francis in my head. Where I contradict myself and him. I point out all our promises and vows. And it just dawned on me, that I shouldn't think about those things because I am never going to have those conversations with him.

And so, I tried to remember what the things that he's told me. "I don't play around coz i'm not a kid. My respect for you still stands firm. We'll work this out and me...i will stay and hold my ground. When the time comes that you no longer need me then I shall leave, but for now, I will care for you. I will continue this journey. I will FIGHT for us if i must. I'm here to stay, I will protect YOU and you will protect me."

These are the things that bring me comfort.

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