Monday, June 02, 2008


"I dont care what people say, I had a beautiful life."
- Dorothy Faubion

I don't know why, it seemed like she told me out of the blue because I needed to hear it. It's amazing to hear her say it. She's very old, probably about 80-early 90's. Her husband, Bill was diagnosed of Alzheimer's about 2 years ago and since then they have been living separately. I listened to their stories and their jokes. And it was very endearing. It makes me think about my life. I pray that when I come to her age, I can look back and say "I had a beautiful life."

A life lived with fruitfully with my husband and our children. And even if I would sometimes forget our memories, like Dorothy, I would look at our family, I would say, "I dont care what people say, I had very beautiful life!"

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