Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dear John

Have you ever opened a book expecting a good story? You read it, at first it seemed to drag on for a couple of pages, and then at every turn of the page you realize, that the story, is somehow yours.

I picked up a book at CVS Pharmacy (for lack of other shopping places to look at). I chose it because it was written by Nicholas Sparks. It was a sure good read. And it is. But I realized in its pages I found my own love story, sort of.

There were parts where the feeling was so famillar to me. When John described the first time he met Savanah like he was drawn to her. And he realized he was falling in love with her even in the short time they were together. The feeling when he left because he had to go back to work. The feeling of desperation in trying to keep them together.

I knew all of it. I knew because I felt it. I know because I am still feeling all of it.

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