Monday, August 25, 2008


Sometimes, I wonder how life will turn out for me. I can't wait to see how great my future will be, but at the same time there is fear in me that's scared to find out that it is nothing like how I imagined it will be.

I am amazed at myself sometimes.

You know that feeling after having argued with someone, you are so mad or sad that you turn them away. But all you really want them to do is to stay. I'm like that. Sometimes, I would want him to take my hand or kiss the tears away. Or in our case, say something that will make everything right again, but sometimes he's too hard to break. So he doesn't but I wait. It doesn't erase the fact that I love him. So I just keep waiting.

I saw Lie With Me. Didnt really understand most of it. It was bordering soft porn. It was interesting though but kinda messed up.

Im trying to run away from someone who has been following me around like a sick puppy. Oh no, puppies are cute. Like a bad case of skin fungi then.

I dont like my schedule for this week.

Turks and near yet so far.

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