Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ying Yang.

My boyfriend has a habit of getting mad at me when I become negative. Don't get me wrong, I always try to be positive about things, and I have always been good at it. Wasn't it me who smiled through a horrible break up with a lying ex boyfriend? Wasn't it me who laughed my heart out even when things seemed bad? See? Positive.

Thing is, I wonder how positive he is. I mean, he always saw what was wrong with me? Does he ever see the good things I do? Does he even recognize them? Because as far as I can remember he always pointed out whats wrong with me. He never tells me why he fell in love with me? Why he still loves me. He doesn't. But he always tells me why he wonders why he even bother. You know what I mean?

Who's negative now?

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