Saturday, August 12, 2006

Coffee always does it for me.

My cousin decided he can treat mom and me to coffee. So at 10 PM we drove to Starbucks at The Clubhouse in QC. I like that place. It's more mellow than the other Starbucks. Except Starbucks Tagaytay. Hehe. I ordered my usual since it came out. Caramel Java Chip and a Caramel Waffle. Starbucks always chases my blues away. Hehe. I know I'm such a sell out because I patronize Starbucks. But I love it.

Anyway so since my mom was around I didn't puff a smoke and did not talk about the things I usually talk to my cousin about. I'm missing him. Yeah him. So not right. Especially when you've soo decided to just let it go. Anyway...that's okay. Am I allowed to miss him once in a while? It will be almost a year after that horrid day last year. I'm supposed to be over it...but I'm not completely there yet. But I will be. Maybe its because the constant distraction at the goal...which is also him...when he texts me, or sends me an IM or whatever.

I wanna get out and run as far away as I can from him and all of our memories...good or bad they are nightmares to me now.

And meeting a-hole guys right now is sooo not helping me.

I hate men.

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