Saturday, October 28, 2006

Poppin' thoughts while driving...

In a bout of happy feet, I just had to go to Gateway to check out Goodwill Bookstore. I must've been quite a sight as I recieved a couple of blank stares and some incredulous stares from people I passed by. I was wearing a huge skirt, an off the shoulder top, heels and some face paint. I went to my god son's 1st birthday party at Saisaki in Megamall. I dropped off some kids and decided to drop by Gateway since I was already in the area. Nevertheless, halloween parties are abound and I guess I can just say I was going to one.

Anyway as it turns out Goodwill in Gateway wasn't as nice as the one in Glorietta. Okay so I on my way to the parking lot I passed by Gonuts Donuts and made a mistake of fancy-ing their blended coffee, hey, it looked interesting. IT WAS BAD. UGH! Next time I am really just gonna stick to Starbucks they have my right kind of blend.

Anyway, on the drive home my "standard" popped in my head. Well...some blog entries ago at mindsay I ranted about setting standards on friends you make and keep, potential boyfriends and well future husbands, I guess. I thought about my pops and daddy. I thought I wanted to have someone who is like them. Daddy, for being the one who encourages me not to be afraid to get what I want. He's the one who's helped mom alot on being the person she is today. He's that radient source of positive energy. And my Popsie, my papa, he tries his best, he helps me with my projects, drives me around, he helped me go through with my hellish thesis, he's a good provider and he loves me, simply because I'm the only one he's got. HEHE.

So there...the 2 great men in my lives. I wonder if I'd ever meet the other great man in my life which is both my papa and daddy in one.

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