Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Birthday without friends.

This year is my no-fuss birthday. I am not throwing a party like I did last time. I wanted to just have a small get together for pizza, some movies and couple rounds of booze with friends. But we dont seem to be getting along okay right now. My birthday is so off...first of it's like way off pay day...so I usually dont get presents...not that I am asking really...I just remember my mom buys me gifts or throws me party in advance in time for pay day...before. And it usually ALWAYS rains on my birthday or just a bit of a drizzle. Anyhow it's great I'll be 24 soon. I had a rather hazy 23rd year. And now my friends no matter how a small group we are, are in a middle of a misunderstanding...I hope we get along soon enough.

I got all the sides I wanted to hear...I am a neutral force kinda like Switzerland. I understood them all. I hope they talk soon so we can start with the booze and start chompin on the pizza.

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