Saturday, January 05, 2008


First off I hate Francis for breaking promises left and right. It's not right. I mean if he cant keep all these little promises he's breaking, what about the promise to love me till he breathe his last breath? DUH.

Second, I hate the Filipino guys here who think they're all that. And insists on wanting to be with you even if you tell them you already have someone, and even if they themselves are already married. They cant fuckin' respect their wives and the families they left behind.

Third, Manel. She knows why.

Fourth, mga putanginang babaeng add ng add kay Francis sa friendster.

Fifth, $8.12 na withholding tax? How much will I be owning the state? Bleeeeurghh!!!!

Porcini rubbed Filet Mignon which will go with my broccoli perfectly! Woot!


manel said...

BRUHA DEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! im so sorry if i havent been replying or calling! i miss you! teka, magfufull kwento ako sayo. ano bang email addy mo?!

soulfoolchic said...

will text you