Sunday, January 13, 2008

Waaaangggg, waaaaaannnggg!!!!

The had a party a couple of nights ago and the police ended up knocking on their door because they were too loud. It's a good thing I opted not to go to the party. I had a good reason why, I was too busy moping about Francis and our relationship. Who knew something like that can save my ass from trouble?!

Some party huh?!

I am looking forward to paying my credit card. No, not really but I have to!!! *grumble* I wonder if I have to pay for my own tickets to LA. I am charging to my account. I have to ask my aunt about that. Because I cant really afford it. I have to send money to my mom. Her birthday is coming up.

I went to church today. Yes, an actual catholic church. Felt good. It's probably the reason of all my anxeity problems. I havent been going to church. I promise to go every Sunday from now on.
I bought myself a new wallet (again!). It's $45.00 plus tax but when I was paying for it the cashier gave me a 50% discount because there was no tag on it. I literally jumped for joy. And she laughed at my excitement. HAHAHA Will take pictures of my much loved wallet.

So now, I'm broke I had $10 in wallet this morning and took 2 out for fare and 1 out for donuts! HAHAHA But I get paid this week. And I am mucho dinero baby! Well, sort of.

Come è a tutti?

As for me? Molto bene! (Some stuff I'm learning from the crazy Italian cook, Silvio!)

Véale pronto!

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