Saturday, October 25, 2008


I do this alot. Sometimes it's oppurtunity, sometimes it's circumstance, and sometimes I'm just running away. The thing is I HATE saying goodbye. So here I am. Fulfilling a promise I shouldn't have made. That is now in vain. Leaving my dreams behind and leaving my love behind.

It's funny, it feels alot like when I left last time. Cramming to spend time with family, friends and someone dear. Missing everything and everyone already. Trying to figure out how to come back, how not to lose what was started and what I hope to keep, and how not to hurt myself all over again.

Thing is, I dont want to say goodbye anymore. I want to stay.


Nickoy said...

Eh akala ko ba kung gusto mo magstay pwede naman? ang labo mo ha... fickle-minded... pfft! heheh...

soulfoolchic said...

Sira hindi. Not at this point. It's too late na kasi. Ikaw kasi eh! You said na duwag ako! Joke lang. Bad decisions I guess. Consequences. So, I guess I'll be seeing you! I wanna karga Anakin! :)