Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Never Had So Much Fun.

For the first time I am having alot of fun here in LA. No offense to my aunt, but her idea of fun is going to the mall and shopping. And fun for her because she can afford just about anything. HAHA But I met some friends here who's showing me some fun! :D

Let's see, first there was a 80's-90's bar. And I ended up missing my bestfriend, she would've enjoyed that. Plus those fierce Kamikazes. Second was a rave party in Compton, which freaked my aunt out. Which eventually ended up in Hollywood too because it sucked. HAHA And then some late night chinese food. Third, Angeles Crest. Over looking the Los Angeles and Valley lights. That you could say for me was heaven. I just love places like that. Kulang nalang ng tequilla! HAHA But oh well, I dont have plans of getting shitfaced anymore.

Last two weeks. Have plenty to do. :)

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