Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve.

So uneventful. I think I should've stayed at work a bit longer. But I really wanted to talk to my fiance. We haven't been talking as much since I started to work. And if this goes as planned then our whole set up will change too. We'll have less time to spend on the phone.

I wanted to ask him not to drive later (his time). I wont be working tomorrow (my time) so I have that "old" time in the morning after his work. Well I actually tried to ask already but he seemed to really wanna get out and drive around. Usually when he wants to spend time with me, it's like a no-brainer, I come first. But oh well. I will be with my future boss on the 26th (my time) and I don't know what time I will be going home.

I just wanted to spend time with him while I still can...

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