Saturday, December 13, 2008

What's New?

Gosh, it's almost a turn of another year! 2009. I have a year and one month before I get married. (We have an actual date already! And I already have everything else put down, it's just a matter of organizing. ;P) HAHA I have soooo many things to do! First on my list is, get my Chef job. Ayiyiyiyiyiiii!!! HAHA Should I go corporate? HAHA. So many choices! I cannot believe how they are all under my impatient nose right now!

So, many things have happened. People have come and gone. Feelings have climaxed and then died down. I have some rather new people in my life which company's I'm enjoying. I "recalled" an old friend. I went away from home for a whole year and got to feel "independence". And then I came home. Blech. And now I am back here living with my parents. Double blech. I WANT MY OWN PLACE!!! Aaaaghhh!

(From my besty -- when I told her I'm getting married: "Nako, you're always getting married! Maniniwala lang ako pag na-plan na lahat!") I just had to put this here. She's hilarious!

So there, I am looking forward to several job interviews! I am sooo excited! Also, I have a new niece!!! I am also excited about her! My nephews are now 3 years old!? Can you believe it? HAHA So I am the last DV kid to have a kid of my own. Hargh!

I wonder what 2009 has in store for me!!! I am sooo excited!


Maria Preciosa said...

Woohoooo...OMG...We're both gettin' married around the same time! :)

soulfoolchic said...

Have you started to plan yet? Churches and venues can be such a pain to book. Hopefully we wont have to move it at a later date. :D