Friday, December 12, 2008

Year Ender.

Whoa. In 1999, I thought I had the funnest party ever, after attending my besty's 18th birthday! NOT! We've had a few more fun party's -- Magic 89.9 chatroom's christmas party, Antonette's surprise party, our barkada's Christmas party (I miss black cuz and kuya rod!), a couple more barkada Christmas parties - each year seeing new faces, some have moved on -- nonetheless we still had fun, Jenny's despidia, and last tuesday's surprise party for Clem and also Lilystar's Christmas party!

We missed a few old friends, as usual, some have "moved on". While some just moved away. There were some that I only met that day. There were some I've known for a few years. But I must say even if I spent a good hour or two on the internet with my boyfriend, I HAD FUN!!!!!!

I think the only thing that tops this is when I celebrated my birthday at Disney. HEHE I wonder how we'll be celebrating the New Year?!

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